• 3.9.16

    Jeremyville Commutes to the Future with Lyft

    It’s time to rethink your commute.

    In the last couple years everything we know about getting from point A to point B has changed. Less than a decade ago you either had to have your own car, use public transportation, or try to flag down a cab – too tall an order during rush hour. Now with Lyft, users merely put their current location into an app and a car will come pick them up taking them anywhere they want to go. This system is becoming more and more familiar but with that familiarity comes a paradigm shift where users rethink how they’re traveling. For Lyft’s latest campaign that teaches us “Riding is the New Driving,” they linked up with Jeremyville to help them spread the message, along with creative agency Made.

    Jeremyville’s illustrations are based off real life with cars, drivers, and pedestrians all on their way to their next destination, but he reinterprets that reality into a cartoon aesthetic. It’s like a window into a new world, a change of scenery while still immediately familiar. That distance allows us to give over to a new way of thinking. “Together, we have the freedom to go where we want, when we want,” says Lyft. With cars and drivers available at the touch of a few buttons, you never have to wait on another train, or hope for a free taxi ever again. The world is open as far as the road is. 

    Right now, you can find these ads all over New York City. In a subversive twist, most of them are on traditional forms of transportation. From city buses to subway stops, anywhere you’d normally find yourself looking for a ride, Jeremyville and Lyft are there to remind you: we live in the future. It’s time to make your commute work for you. Go where you want, when you want. And you can start right now.

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