• 1.9.18

    Jeff Nishinaka Stays Festive for CVS

    We know that the holidays are already over and eyes are set forward on the new year that’s stretched out in front of us, but we had to show you this project. Jeff Nishinaka teamed up with CVS to help them ring in the holidays with their customers, creating a breathtaking amount of work for their holiday sales. You already know that Jeff can make just about anything out of cut paper, but did you know he could create an entire holiday season?

    CVS’ campaign was pretty straightforward: there were a ton of deals for entertaining and gift-giving, but they wanted to add a new twist to the typical holiday fare. So they asked Jeff to create a series of holiday-themed environments entirely out of paper. And boy, did he.

    Jeff made it all. There’s a snow-covered pine forest made from white paper. A blue mantle is covered in candles. A green kitchen countertop is complete with wall clock and a hot pot. A red living room window sets the base for picture frames and poinsettias. There’s even an entirely white landscape of snowy hills where a snowman makes an appearance. Plus all the details you can imagine: wrapped gifts, neighbors’ houses, twinkle lights and needles of pine.

    It’s another year until the holidays arrive again, but it’s never too late to be festive. Especially in the face of such extraordinary work.

    (Check out some of Jeff's work animated below! There's even a swooping dove!)

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