• 8.1.14

    Jason Madara’s Equinox Work Has a Life of its Own

    Back in April we revealed the beginning of Jason Madara’s comprehensive reshoot of all Equinox clubs. The relationship between Jason and Equinox is one of trust whose collective vision has enriched as time goes on. It was only a matter of time before the team at Equinox tasked Jason with expanding their collaboration into a larger scope. With the introduction of Equinox’s new fitness app, it was time to bring forth a broader visual vocabulary for Equinox. “[Equinox] saw the interior work and how we kind of created a brand and a look for them, and they wanted me to match that,” says Jason.

    Jason was suddenly tasked with shooting interiors, people, and still lifes for a comprehensive examination of Equinox’s app, but that meant translating his interior work into images of people and objects that made sense. “What I did for the interiors they wanted to apply to people,” Jason explains. But that’s easy for him. Rather than tinkering in the minutiae of each discipline, Jason approached them with the same focus and intent. “I started off photographing people, but when I moved to doing other things I didn’t look at it any differently,” says Jason. “Whether it was an interior or a still life, I do the light the same. I don’t change anything.”

    Since photography is capturing light, Jason lights his interiors the same way he lights people: with deference to their personality. By approaching spaces and objects the same way he approaches people, an implication of human nature infuses the images and makes them instantly relatable, even though it’s a pair of sneakers and an iPhone. “I don’t care what I’m shooting, I’m try to achieve the same thing,” he says. His lighting puts these objects into a human space, and it makes the viewer take notice. 

    The goal of the Equinox app is to relate club users to their health in a more effective way. They get to track progress and seamlessly integrate their local club's amenities into their personal process and progress. It was created to affect the lives of their users. And working with Equinox has had an affect on Jason. Their professional interaction has turned personal. “Since I started shooting Equinox, I’ve started taking care of myself so much more. I’m eating better. I’m doing the juice thing now. I’m totally addicted to it,” he says. “I find myself wanting to take care of myself more.” Looks like their relationship was truly mutually beneficial.

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