• 6.22.17

    Jamie Chung Makes a Statement with Smirnoff

    Just over a week ago we were thrilled to wake up and see that Jamie Chung’s latest campaign with Smirnoff had gone viral. Twitter was on fire with tweets of the ads created with 72andSunny, that inspired a snarky, if frank, conversation about what’s happening in the American political discourse. “We've seen some advertising recently that tried to speak to some kind of social or political issues and it doesn't hit the mark or it's not funny enough or it's just off,” Jamie says. “But I think this is really smart. It's a pleasure to have my image tied with something that's relevant.” It can be a major risk for artists and brands to engage in political conversation, regardless of which side they engage with, but a laugh is a laugh. And these ads are giving us plenty of ads. 

    Jamie was tasked with photographing the bottle of Smirnoff and the accompanying drinks for some beautiful imagery to pair with the sparkling copy. His specialty is still life work, balancing every ray of light and angle of product until it’s exactly right – and that’s not something any photographer can achieve over night. “It's taken a while to learn how to shoot a bottle nicely and with the proper mood,” says Jamie. “It has to do with taste and sensibility and you know I've developed it over a long time. It's not like there's like one trick or something like that.” Every shadow, highlight, colored garnish, and shining glass is created by Jamie and his team. There are no mistakes or happy accidents. This is the work of a craftsman.

    Full disclosure: when Jamie first starting working with 72andSunny and Smirnoff on this campaign, they had different copy on the ads. But they decided to roll with current events to engage the public. It was a surprise, but a welcome surprise to Jamie. He knew that it was always going to be something great. “The creative team on this was like really stellar,” says Jamie. “You know I trust they would to do something incredible in the end.” 

    For more on this story, check out AdWeek’s write up on the campaign.

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