• 7.2.13

    Jamie Chung & Dan Craig Take Us to the Place Where Cheese Reigns

    Photographer Jamie Chung and illustrator Dan Craig come together to create a "place where cheese reigns" for Finlandia cheeses latest ad campaign. Jamie and Dan worked with agency Barton F. Graf 9000 on some intriguing cheese-obsessed characters including: the Cheese Dunce, the Cheese Masochist, the Flavor Caretaker and the Flavor Philosopher. This curious family of fromage lovers can now be seen on a billboard near you.

    Client: Finlandia Cheese
    Campaign: "Where Cheese Reigns"
    Agency: Barton F. Graf 9000
    Illustrator: Dan Craig
    Photographer: Jamie Chung
    Typography/Crest: Jordan Metcalf
    Retoucher: Box Graphics
    Record/Mix: Heard City
    Media: MediaWorx

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