• 11.25.14

    James Joyce and Absolut Make Your Holidays Pop

    Holiday iconography comes from generations past. Gilded wooden carvings, illuminated manuscripts, and poems from the 19th century. Heavy garlands span the space between thick stockings and gold baubles. It is ornate and ornamental, and a lot of effort and expense. It’s easy to wonder: Why do we bother? Why don’t we clean it up a little?

    Enter: James Joyce for Absolut Vodka. Pulling inspiration from Andy Warhol and the Pop Art movement he helped to spearhead, Absolut has created a campaign “Holidays Pop” as a part of their “Transform Today” initiative. To celebrate Absolut's new collaboration with Warhol, they tapped James Joyce to take advantage of his clean, vector aesthetic to help make their new vision of the holidays sing.

    Since the launch on November 2, James’ work has been featured on Absolut’s social media, most notably their Instagram. The multimedia options that Instagram offers makes for the perfect environment to show off a handful of James’ abilities. From still compositions that directly reference the clean layouts of the Pop movement, to .gifs with drink recipes, they’re creating a full world of Pop Holidays.

    But it’s more than vodka drinks for this pairing; it’s really a fully integrated and immersive holiday experience. Between cocktail recipes and artful bottles, they’ve put together step by step instructions on how to tie a bow tie, and even an inspirational quote from Warhol himself encouraging your best holiday wear. Don’t forget that for how much we eat and drink over these last few weeks of the year, they’re a celebration of those we love and reflection on the ending year. The goal is to have fun and find some pieces of joy before moving on to a new beginning.

    To catch a piece of the action, check out Absolut on Twitter and Instagram.

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