• 11.8.13

    It's 'Game On' for Ars Thanea and TEN

    Peter Jaworowski, founding partner of and executive creative director for Ars Thanea, has partnered with TEN – a creative, digital, and educational initiative by Fotolia that aims to democratize digital art – for November.

    His image, "Game On," could be downloaded gratis for 24 hours (beginning Friday morning) as a Photoshop document. For those unfamiliar with the project, it's "TEN, as in 10 artists, 10 countries, 10 months, and 10 PSDs," according to a press release. "Each user can access the set of layers, graphic elements, and style effects held in each PSD, and appropriate them to use them in his or her own work." B&A's Serial Cut and Alberto Seveso made TEN PSDs for September and October, respectively.

    "I wanted to create a very bright and dynamic image – full of energy and fun – that focuses on a basketball player who is mid-air, and the light lines underline the speed," Jaworowski explained. "Even though it's a static frame, I wanted motion to be felt in it. I chose very unusual colors to make the entire scene a bit magical. It's still a basketball court, but it feels more like a fantasy." He combined more than 20 Fotolia photographs in the illustration: "It looks like a simple composition ... I tried to blend them together so the amount of various materials is hidden."

    He decided to participate in the TEN project to share his knowledge with an audience around the world. "TEN Collection will help people learn faster," he added. "If I were starting out, I would love to have access to other people’s files so that I could learn."

    Get to know Jaworowski in the video at right.

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