• 3.25.19

    In The Shadows With Nigel Cox

    As the season turns to Spring, small trickles of color and warmth flow back into the winter world. Store windows become bright and vibrant, filled with floral-inspired accessories and sleek silhouettes perfect for a summer day. Spring-inspired accessories appear on those not yet ready to shed their winter coat. In his latest collaboration with Bergdorf Goodman, still life photographer Nigel Cox shows us the latest and greatest sunglass styles for the Spring/Summer season.

    “I think it’s a nice thing that designers seem to be having more fun with sunglasses than they ever were before. There are some great materials and some great shapes in the range they gave us to shoot,” said Nigel on the aesthetic appeal of the project. “The Oliver Peoples glasses was the first shot we did of the series. The first shot is the one everyone always gets excited about. I love the surface and composition on that pair because it feels very levitating. It almost feels like the shadow has dimensions because the one arm seems more defined as if it actually is an arm. The rest of the shadow is more shaded and black against those colors. It’s interesting how the shadow sits because that arm is in such a different position and it’s casting that back shadow. The shadows are still very similar, sticking out at the same angle. When you look at the top one, you notice that it was made by an almost vertical arm. That's why we really had to think about the positioning and shapes.”

    The consistent theme of Spring drove their choice in color, focusing on a more “off-beat” palette choice with colors that are unexpected, pitched by Nigel. The series featured a horizon line behind the floating eyewear that is suspended in mid-air. “We had a lot of work to do in two days. Sixteen shots over two days is a lot for that level of work, you really had to get in there and light them beautifully. We were doing all real shadows. Everything was shot very much in camera. We were holding things in place with plexiglass but otherwise, it was all very much shot in camera. We wanted to have really crisp shadows that were really true to what was happening above. We were factoring in those shapes when we were styling the glasses,” explained the photographer.

    Although each season’s selections feel fresh and new, this wasn’t Nigel’s first time shooting accessories for the luxury retailer. Nigel and Bergdorfs have collaborated on many different fashion shoots over the years. “They want you to put your stamp on it and make it yours. They want you to be invested in it. A good client is one that lets you explore a little bit. The best ones are the ones that you explore the process. When they want something more creative, the best people are the ones who let you play around. Bergdorfs has always been one of those clients, they want something unique and original.”

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