• 7.25.13

    ilovedust Turns the Rdio Up

    ilovedust collaborated with Rdio on a short animation to announce the rollout of new tracks on the music-sharing site. In it, a scarlet orb becomes biker glasses that change into a crystal ball, which then morphs into a moon (complete with wolf howling underneath), and ... we won't spoil the rest. The latest release from noise-pop band Gauntlet Hair provided the soundtrack.

    Ingi Erlingsson, ilovedust's creative director of motion, called the project "too good to be true, giving us the opportunity to try out some things we've been toying with for a while, and also to let the mind wander and the creativity run free." With an ambitious time frame of two weeks, the team worked quickly, first brainstorming "the sort of scenarios, places, thoughts, and dreams that the [new] music inspired in us. Then, we picked the best of the bunch and moved on to the design and animation," turning ideas into concrete imagery.

    Rdio offers on-demand and ad-free access to over 20 million songs. ilovedust selected eight of them to make a summer playlist, available for streaming on Bernstein & Andriulli's Facebook page.

    Music: Gauntlet Hair

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