• 2.19.15

    ilovedust and Shotopop Bring Out the Monster Talents

    The NBA’s All Star Weekend is exactly that: a time for the best of the best in basketball to converge on one city and celebrate the talents and skills that make watching these athletes so much fun. The All Star game is the centerpiece of a huge array of events, featuring a wide variety of personalities, brands, and celebrities. The whole weekend is a veritable pageant of the most commanding athletic figures and their celebrity fans. 

    Each of the major sports brands typically releases a collection around the excitement, and Nike’s All Star Weekend Collection is always one to watch. Capturing both the giant figures and excitement of the events, ilovedust and Shotopop collaborated on an animation to build excitement and show off a couple products that Nike was going to have available for the celebration. “It was almost like a little trailer in the form of a monster movie,” says Casper Franken of Shotopop, who animated the illustrations by ilovedust. “We see all these athletes who are just coming to New York and something massive is going to happen. But we’re not sure what that is; it just sort of alludes to the action that is about to come.” What ended up coming was a Dunk Contest that ripped a lot of fans out of the seats from excitement, and a close game between the West and East All Stars with a final score that ended with a paltry 5 point differential.

    To ensure that the project came together as seamlessly as possible, Shotopop and ilovedust combined forces just about as close as two design groups can. “We were in contact literally the whole time during the project,” says Casper. “We shared with each other way more often than we would normally. We really joined force pretty effectively.” Those daily conversations guaranteed that every element was tied up precisely the way it needed to be. Each group was able to be constantly making adjustments, all feeding into the ultimate success of the final piece.

    Not only did this intense collaboration make for an efficient and effective workflow, it meant that the result was grander as a result. “It makes it a lot more dynamic,” says Casper. “The way we worked with them enabled us to do more.” The lines of ilovedust’s illustrations created the baseline epic feeling that Shotopop was able to build upon making for the ultimate celebration of this outstanding weekend.

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