• 7.20.15

    Illusion Studio Imagines Jeep's Cultural Impact

    If you ask Post Rattanas from Illusion CGI Studio what the process was for their latest campaign with Jeep, he’ll humbly downplay the incredible work that they did. In reality, every pixel in the final images are a result of careful planning and masterful artistry by the team at Illusion.

    The campaign is about influence. They imagined how Jeep’s signature look (most specifically the design of their front grates) would affect those impressed by them and leave an impact years later. In three images, fictional native peoples in a handful of different environments are seen with Jeep imagery absorbed into their cultures in ways that are both playful and seamless. At once they call to Jeep’s history of being an iconic car manufacturer and illustrate the multi-terrain abilities of their cars and trucks. The desert, rainforest, and tundra are all represented, all environments where a Jeep can perform precisely how the driver needs.

    Each tribe in these locations is presented in their own imagined traditional way, but applying the front grate and headlight shape iconic to Jeep. Illusion started with photographs and then composited and retouched the Jeep elements onto the images. That means that in the photo of the forest tribe, all the paint was applied through CGI. Creating that kind of incredible realism in computer generated imagery comes only through mastery. “It’s technique,” Post explains. “The artists really know the effects of the edges of the paint and how it would look on each part of the body.” In short: it works because Illusion is simply very good at what they do. That image isn’t only painted to add Jeep elements, but the forest that surrounds the tribe members is a composite from a handful of separate photographs all stitched together into the final image.

    Illusion CGI loves doing projects like this because these techniques have become second nature to them. For them, it’s all about execution since they’re already so familiar with the process. “It’s something that we’re experts on,” Post says. “We know exactly what to do. The client briefs us and then we can just go and do it.” This expertise echoes through all their work, including a recent campaign with 28 Too Many to end female genital mutilation that is still practiced in 28 African countries. The campaign recently won Illusion CGI three Gold Cannes Lions and can be found in their portfolio.

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