• 6.22.15

    High Rise Goes Epic with Blizzard Entertainment

    Blizzard Entertainment’s three tent pole games, Warcraft, Starcraft, and Diablo, are three epic stories in three epic worlds. Warcraft takes place in a fantasy universe where Orcs fight Mages across lands of magic and rudimentary engineering. Starcraft follows the intergalactic war between three races as they struggle for dominion over the stars, or settle for mutual destruction. Diablo sees the battle between good and evil as angles and demons compete for dominance. To the uninitiated the characters in these games may look strange or too fantastical to be taken seriously, but they represent billions of playing hours by millions of players in an online community that is quite literally endless. These are the heroes of dreams and the villains of nightmares.

    Blizzard’s latest offering is Heroes of the Storm, an epic to end all epics, where Blizzard’s most famous characters are brought together into one arena to fight. It is a dream come true to Blizzard’s fans, and they had to celebrate it in a way that was as epic as the game. They worked with High Rise Murals to put together a 200 foot long painting in Los Angeles using three artists to bring the characters to life. Captain Kris, Ed Hicks, and Smug One each came in from the UK to create this massive mural. The scope was huge. The characters are epic. And the collaboration was seamless.

    All three artists worked together to compose the gigantic painting, and each ultimately left their mark on the project. “We seem to be keeping to type, to be honest,” says Ed Hicks in an interview release by High Rise Murals that you can see below. “Smug is doing big-bellied monsters, which he definitely is. Chris’ guys are quite heroic, which I think he has those qualities. Whereas I’m going for the gothic and bad guy stuff which I’d like to say I have connection to.” The styles of the three different artists worked to differentiate the worlds that these characters come from, while keeping the broad image intact.

    With one thousand cans of spray paint and tens of thousands of square feet of wall, the final piece is as big as any of these artists has created before. “This is definitely one of the biggest, if not the biggest thing I’ve gotten around to so far,” says Hicks. “This is one of the biggest pieces I’ve worked on and it’s been a challenge but a lot fun as well,” adds Captain Kris. Cherry Pickers and Scissor lifts were on call at all times, rain or shine, to make sure that they stayed on schedule.

    Although the scale is remarkable in this world, it’s almost equally as unbelievable that High Rise and the three artists were able to squeeze these characters on to this one composition. These are the fan favorite characters from some of the most successful multiplayer PC games in history. Their stories and the experiences of their fans could never fit on a mural the size of a planet, but on one huge wall in Los Angeles, they got as close as humanly possible.

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