• 1.14.16

    Herring & Herring Weave Inspiration through Generations

    Herring & Herring have been shooting for Eva Fehren for a few years now, building a relationship with the jewelry brand that has shaped their work together. For their latest campaign titled “Women XXI,” relationships were the foundation of the concept. Eva put together a list of women that inspire her life and work with a group that ranged from family members to authors to actors. These woman, who were mostly not models, were going to present a challenge for Herring & Herring but not in that way that it would change the way they work. The photographers’ processes are already incredibly inclusive and empowering. “We outline what we do, create our storyboards of what each picture will be to give guidance to the subjects, and then let them kind of just do their thing,” explains Dimitri Scheblanov, half of the Herring & Herring collaboration with Jesper Carlsen. “We give minimal direction and have their personality come out as much as possible.” This allows their subjects to take control and brings out the power that lives within them.

    “Models and some celebrities are obviously used to getting their pictures taken and kind of go into a pattern. A lot of real people don’t really know what that’s like,” says Dimitri. Conversely, their way of working always elicits interesting responses. At the completion of the shoot they used the photographs for a book, and at the book launch the duo learned something interesting about one of their subjects. “We were talking about this pose that one subject took that we all really liked. We thought it was a very authoritative, very powerful pose,” says Dimitri. “And she said she didn’t know what to do during the shoot, so she started thinking about her father and what he would do in this situation and what pose he would take. So it wound up being this moment that we all recognized immediately when we were shooting that it was special. It was interesting to hear her go to that place in her head which kind of made it even more sentimental in a way.” This woman who inspired Eva’s work was inspired from her own life, creating a line of inspiration that reached back generations to foster the creative work of today.

    The moment that surprised the duo the most was on the last day of shooting, when their final group of models injected a whole new energy into the room. Because of scheduling, all their most mature subjects were scheduled for the last shoot, but as soon as the ladies stepped in there it was like a whole new day. With their age came a confidence mixed with a freshness that was inspiring to Dimitri and Jesper. Most of the younger subjects have grown up around cameras, making them at least minimally aware of how to be in the constant presence of a camera. But for the older ladies it was a fresher experience which made the shooting process even more exciting. “Ellie Klein is the oldest woman that we shot, she’s an author, and for us she is just the epitome of cool,” says Dimitri.

    “Ellie’s f*cking awesome,” Jesper chimes in.

    “She came in with something about her, there was almost an aura or a glow to her,” Dimitri says. “And when she was styled out wearing all black Balenciaga with Eva’s incredible jewelry on her, she just looked so cool. Her look paired with this aura I think just made this incredibly inspiring combination and really inspiring pictures.” Although we’d all hope being decked from head to toe in Balenciaga would help add a glow, Ellie’s was innate and it vibrates out of the image. By sharing what inspires her, Eva's creative force was able to pass on the gift of inspiration to the rest of us. (Even catching Vogue's attention!)

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