• 12.8.15

    Herring & Herring Jump in with the Duplass Brothers for Playboy

    Brothers Mark and Jay Duplass have been honing their creative relationship for years, creating movies and TV shows that are captivating and challenging. Their work lives in the space between drama and comedy, plumbing the awkwardness and pedestrian terrors in daily life in ways that are both unsettling and totally engaging. The strange human space that the Duplass brothers highlight in their work is what made Herring & Herring so excited to shoot them for a feature in for a feature in Playboy's January/February 2016 double issue. The photography duo, and B&A newcomers, Dimitri Scheblanov and Jesper Carlsen foster incredibly collaborative and energy rich sets, making partners out of their subjects. Their work represents the height of collaboration, a force so strong it brought the Duplass Brothers into the water in full, neon suits.

    Herring & Herring are unique in the way that they engage with their subjects. Where most photographers and directors spend most of their time shepherding every moment on set to get the right imagery, Jesper and Dimitri have a totally different strategy. “For us, the beauty of working with real people, other artists, celebrities, is that they bring their own character and personality to the work,” explains Dimitri. “We try to not give any direction at all. And that’s why it’s very useful for us to storyboard all of our work and present finished concepts so that they can reinterpret them for themselves and play their energy off of the idea that we have.” This gives each of their subjects complete agency and ownership of what they’re doing. It makes the collaboration completely balanced, with an honest give and take that lights up the collaborators from the inside out.

    “Everyone is always surprised that we are a lot more collaborative than they’re used to," says Dimitri. "We find that they wind up giving more. The beauty is that they are creative people themselves. They get to be a part of it so they get really excited and wind up doing things that we probably wouldn’t even ask them to do.” This was especially true in this shoot. They had planned a shot where the two brothers would fall back into the pool, but Mark couldn’t do it because of a chronic neck issue. So he suggested leaping into the pool which took Dimitri and Jesper by surprise: they never would have asked that of their creative partners, it felt like too big of an ask. But with the suggestion, they went for it!

    Please join us in welcoming Herring & Herring to our roster, and take a look at their portfolio!

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