• 12.18.09

    Henry Bourne's English Folklore Project

    English folklore dates back centuries ago. Popular English folklore stories include the tale of Robin Hood and the legend of King Arthur. Although some traditions are widely believed and recognized throughout England, most folklore is specific to certain areas and each region has its own myriad of rich traditions.

    Henry Bourne traveled around the UK photographing participants at various folklore festivals and events, capturing a diverse and colorful array of people. In his portraits one can see that British folklore customs are very much alive today.

    The English Folklore portrait project arose from a discussion Bourne had with Simon Costin, the director of the Museum of British Folklore. Costin's unparalleled enthusiasm and folklore knowledge has been indispensable. He campaigns for funds and awareness of British Folklore as he voyages around the UK in a mini museum that is an elaborately styled caravan.

    Bourne opted not to include the scenery of each event. Instead, he shot portraits in a portable daylight studio, unifying the images with a clean, white background. You can view more of the kaleidoscope of portraits at Henry Bourne's website.

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