• 1.7.14

    He & Me Photographs Infiniti and Beyond

    He & Me helmed a team for five weeks in Spain – Barcelona, the Pyrenees, and Madrid, to be exact – to capture Infiniti's QX70, QX50, and Q60. "Each brochure had its own storyline," noted Tom Mennemann, and several of the images were used as advertisements in Hong Kong. "For example, the QX70 pictures revolve around the driver and his mysterious bag; the QX50 depicts a businesswoman departing the city for her countryside stables."

    Mennemann and Yona Heckl enjoyed taking a more editorial-style approach to the campaign. "It wasn't one, fixed picture that we needed to shoot – it was an idea of a picture that left open many probable options," He & Me explained. "We worked with the least amount of artificial light possible and we had more freedom in terms of the angles we used."

    The duo also worked hand-in-hand with a director of photography on short films to accompany the stories. "The video happened alongside the still shoot," He & Me said, and maintained elements found in the photos: closeups of the vehicles, black-and-white scenes, and fashion-like frames without the Infinitis.

    See more here.

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