• 6.12.15

    Google Play's Visual Identity by Script & Seal

    We called up Script & Seal to talk for a few minutes about their latest project with Google. Over the last year they’ve been working with Google Play to create a huge compendium of original illustrations to be featured along with their playlists and music categories. It was a massive project that meant they were creating illustrations on a daily basis for six months. But it wasn’t until we started to discuss it that they realized how significant of a project it was. “Until this second I don’t think I realized it was our biggest project that we had done,” Liz Meyer, half of the creative duo Script & Seal, said with a laugh. She and Gavin Potenza have been so hard at work they almost didn’t notice that they created the entire visual identity of Google’s newly launched music service.

    The service was created after Google acquired Songza, an incredibly popular streaming music service that delivered fresh playlists for their audiences. Each of these musical collections offers a distinct experience, and Script & Seal created art to match up with the music. That diversity meant there were a lot of sources of inspiration to draw from, including imagery for specific regions. Including one cup of strong Brazilian coffee. “Cafezinho is this thing in Brazil where they have this very specific little espresso cup, and they have it at a very specific time every day, and they put a very specific amount of sugar in it,” says Liz. “It’s really unique. Stuff like that we had to kind of learn about.” They researched and illustrated and researched some more. For six months. And even though the project was so vast, they were working under the creative auspices of Google who encouraged them to follow their instincts. “Google encouraged us to be a little bit more crazy with the compositions,” says Gavin. “And sometimes they thought we were being too conservative. So in the beginning it was all about finding that balance.”

    At the end of the day, Liz and Gavin are just excited to have worked on such a comprehensive project. "We’re very protective of our work, we’re so invested in everything we do. We work and that’s our whole life," says Liz. They fill every corner of their lives with the creative process which sometimes makes it hard to see outside of the workstation. But this project helped lift their gaze and take it to the wider world. "When you work on something for so long you learn something about yourself and the way you work. I think it really helped us evolve," says Gavin. Then they got to show their friends and family something fantastic which both Liz and Gavin agree was the most satisfying part of the whole thing.

    Script & Seal just completely refurbished and relaunched their own website. Check it out here.

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