• 11.3.10

    GoldRun - A Brand New Reality

    AR platform start-up GoldRun debuts its augmented reality app with a virtual fashion show featuring selections from H&M's fall/winter collection as part of the 10 year anniversary celebrations for CondeNast's Style.com. Through GoldRun, shoppers will be able to virtually try on outfits, take photographs, and post these images to Facebook to create their own personal look books.

    Says Vivian Rosenthal, CEO of GoldRun and co-founder of digital media studio Tronic, "After a decade of developing digital media campaigns for top tier brands and recognizing the explosion in smartphone sales and increasing interest in location-based marketing, I realized there was a need for a new type of media buy, one tailored for the mobile space."

    The GoldRun app launches with an H&M promotion that allows iPhone users to view, interact with and take pictures of virtual H&M apparel and accessories in front of any of the fashion retailer's 10 Manhattan locations. Users select the items they want to view and then "capture" them by snapping a picture to receive an instant 10% discount on any H&M purchase.

    Simultaneously a powerful promotional tool and a social network tailored for the mobile environment, the app is designed to drive traffic to physical and online destinations, increase product sales, enhance brand engagement and bolster viral impact.

    GoldRun is available for free from the iTunes store, download it here.

    User interface stills

    Virtually trying on clothes with GoldRun and new looks from H&M

    Watch the demo
    Tronic at Bernstein & Andriulli
    H&M: GoldRun at Creativity Online

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