• 5.29.14

    Giorgio Moroder by Jason Madara Covers Wired Italy

    Wired Italy tapped Jason Madara to take portraits of Giorgio Moroder, the man responsible for the sound of the future – since starting Oasis Records in the seventies.

    "I wanted to feature a person who would represent the bridge between our country's tradition and its innovation, and Giorgio emerged as the strongest possibility," said the mag's creative director, David Moretti. "He's been photographed numerous times – everybody recognizes his big mustache – so, we had to think about presenting him in a different way, and one that would speak to our readers." He decided on a film noir-like aesthetic that integrated hues aside from black. "In thinking about photographers who can cleverly combine colors and lighting, I arrived at Jason, whom I'd partnered with before."

    For the front of the issue, Moretti imagined the disco-genre pioneer set against a simple, bright background. "I was speaking with Giorgio and I noticed that he had these glasses with his iconic logo (of his own face) on them, and I told him to put them on," Madara recalled. "That logo symbolizes his whole life and it's placed on top of who he is today – and with the sunglasses, I loved the idea of not showing everything, and only providing a glimpse at Giorgio." The interior images really brought out the film noir style. "I had in mind a spread portraying Giorgio as a sort of king standing proud, with this light coming from above," Moretti noted, which Madara achieved through precise backlighting and gels that created a cinematic flare. "I positioned him in that exact stance, looking slightly off-camera, to keep the lighting perfect," the photographer explained. "These are some of the first portraits of him that are truly crafted; almost all of the others out there are more point-and-shoot."

    He also caught, as the creative director called it, "Giorgio's beautiful smile." Madara remarked: "I just continued shooting and maybe cracking jokes, and this little smirky thing happened in about three frames ... and one of them worked."

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