• 12.12.11

    Gillian Laub for Esquire and Time

    Gillian Laub's photography appears in recent issues of Esquire and Time Magazine. Laub captured film and stage director Julie Taymor for the December issue of Esquire. For Time, she photographed a cover shoot for a romance novel.

    Laub photographed Taymor at her apartment in New York City. Taymor posed for Laub on her roof, where she'd previously shot a scene for her movie Across the Universe. Taymor spoke to the magazine about her ambitious career and her departure from the controversial Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark musical. Laub enjoyed working with Taymor and calls her, "a great creative collaborator."

    Laub spent the day photographing the cover shoot for a romance novel for Time Magazine. The article details how the romance novel industry is finding renewed interest in "real life" heroes, such as firefighters, war veterans, and cops, as cover models. Laub calls the shoot "amazing" and says watching what they were creating to sell, as female fantasy, was "fascinating and fun."

    See more of Gillian Laub's photography here.

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