• 4.6.12

    Gillian Laub Captures the Fifty Shades of Grey Frenzy

    Gillian Laub explores the frenzy around the hit series Fifty Shades of Grey in a new video and article for Time Magazine. The trilogy, by British author E.L. James, is about the S&M relationship between a billionaire and a virginal young college student. The books started out as online fan fiction before they racked up hundreds of thousands of e-book downloads. After hearing about them from a friend, Laub decided to document the excitement around the books among wives and mothers in Long Island, New York City, and Westchester County.

    Laub interviewed and photographed E.L. James and fans of the trilogy. James admitted the book was inspired by fan fiction for Twilight and other popular series and was derived from her fantasies. At the book party Laub attended with James, the author was overwhelmed by the response from her fans. The fans told Laub that the books had changed their lives and they were recommending it to everyone they knew. Laub calls the series "a suburban literary virus of sorts."

    Watch Gillian Laub's video for Time Magazine of the Fifty Shades of Grey popularity here.

    See more of Gillian Laub's photography here.
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