• 5.18.17

    Garrigosa Studio Slows It Down

    Time flies when you’re having fun. 

    That universal truth is a favorite to be spouted at kids who complain when playtime is already over. But adults face the same conundrum when their own playtimes end too soon, which can be disappointing for everyone involved. The reasons for a premature end to the fun are as variable as the people who share the complaint, but KY has found their own solution for it – literally. They asked CGI studio Garrigosa to help them visualize what their new Duration spray does. The results are at once both breathtaking and hilarious. Two ads each feature naturally speedy animals with the identifying qualities of notoriously slow animals. The first image shows a cheetah, the best runner in the world, with a tortoise shell – perhaps the slowest. In the other a jackrabbit sports a snail shell. In a moment we know that these typically speedy animals have been restrained while still operating relatively normally.

    What’s remarkable about the images isn’t just their humor but how realistic they are. Obviously, it would be impossible to get a tortoise shell on a cheetah (and where could anyone find a snail big enough to have a shell fit on a jackrabbit?), so Garrigosa literally created the impossible. “We always love intense images, even if it’s in a fun or in a dramatic way,” says Macarena Gª-Castrillón (Maca), Producer at Garrigosa Studio. “The most amazing part of this project was the combination of both: the playful concept with an impressive execution. The balance made us enjoy the project a lot!”

    To get the realism displayed in these compositions, Garrigosa captured their own reference materials, photographing live animals, and combining them with what they could find online. “We used animal photos of our own stock (it’s been a year of collection!!) with stock images,” says Maca. “Then it was all composed in postproduction, where all the magic happens.” Maca is right, what Garrigosa did with the project was make magic happen. We know that these animals cannot exist in this way, but the studio did such a detailed an accurate job that it fools us into believing that they could exist, even if only in the borders of this frame. The animals are a fantasy, and looking at them helps prolong that fantasy and keep the fun going – even if it’s ephemeral. A fitting representation for KY’s newest offering.

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