• 8.4.15

    Found Studio and Peugeot Back Into Innovation

    The introduction of Ford’s Model T in 1908 changed the world. Automobiles gave us the ability to transport ourselves quickly and efficiently without yoking ourselves to gigantic animals. Since the initial creation of the iron horses, the new challenge has been safety. Every year our cars could get faster, but instead we try to make them safer. At the end of the day, innovations in safety are what really count towards making vehicular travel less of a liability and more of a tool. When rear view cameras were introduced with the rise of digital imaging technology it reshaped the world around cars. Blind spots were reduced and the threat of backing into something (or someone) was negated with the flip of a switch.

    As a way to build hype around their New Peugeot 208, Peugeot teamed up with Found Studio to create a unique advertisement that used the features of the car as the medium with which the advertisement was created.

    That means that not only is the entire thing being shot in one go, making for all the technical challenges that presents, but the “camera man” is actually a diver who is driving backwards. As the “camera man” navigates with the multi-ton camera on four wheels (with room for 4 in the interior!), five different alternative sportsmen ride their skateboards and bikes, as well as engage in parkour, all around the car in real time. “Skaters Tony Gale and Nathan Morris, freestyle BMX rider Keelan Phillips, extreme mountain biker Danny Butler and Storm Freerun’s Paul ‘Blue’ Joseph,” say the folks at Found studio. “There are no cutaways so the stakes were high for this uninterrupted one-take sequence of stunts.” They chose to use the rear facing camera to film a single shot video to show that not only is the car safe, it’s agile and cool.

    Found teamed up with Peugeot through Havas Helia UK who saw this as a remarkable opportunity to do something really satisfying. “This was the chance to create something truly exciting, risky and innovative with a supportive client who is as keen as we are to push audience expectations of their brand,” says Mat Denney, Creative Director at Havas Helia UK. Found has made a name for themselves in creating large scale experiences that push the envelope and make us rethink what is possible. This latest video with Peugeot is just another example of their exploration with creative solutions.

    Take a look at the video and please remember that everyone involved is a professional. Do not try this yourself!

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