• 7.31.14

    Found Makes Magic for Nike's Flyknit in Berlin

    Creating an entirely new two-minute video to be projected on an unnamed obstructed building in the middle of Berlin in less than a month can present a few challenges. Not least of which would be that the client is Nike, one of the most discerning brands in the world. Agency onedotzero went to Found to execute the projection mapping before the site had even been chosen.

    They didn’t know what the building was going to be for quite a while. The entire schedule for the project was incredibly condensed: only four weeks from the beginning of the project to the hard due date. “The deadline was looming and immoveable because it was a live event,” Joe Binks, Producer at Found, explains. “In a way that probably helped us. Decisions had to be made towards the end.” For the whole first week, Found worked without knowing the site and instead dove into the intricacies of projection mapping: the process of projecting a detailed video onto a structure whose architecture informs and interacts with the images and motion. The tiny schedule meant the learning curve was steep, and they figured how to best execute the projection mapping very quickly. “That was quite tricky,” says Joe.

    After the first week they had all the information they needed (after they executed their “recce” (pronounced “RE-kky”), which is short for “reconnaissance”), and buckled down with the unveiling party sitting squarely on the calendar in front of them. “We wanted to focus on how we could tell the story in the most visual way,” Joe says, after they discovered the most efficient use of the technology. “Using clear, clean graphical lines, as well as typography, and representations of the shoe.” 

    One of the tidbits of information that the recce informed them of was that the building they were projecting onto, their screen, was not entirely visible from where the audience was going to be. That meant they had to shape their creative decisions around hot spots that everyone would be able to see, and prioritize visual information. All while telling the story of a relatively new athletic technology, and in under two minutes. “There was a lot of content to get across,” Joe says.

    Bernstein and Andriulli is thrilled to newly represent Found in the many disciplines that they've mastered and are exploring. Take a look at some of their other projection, including an unbelievable project using fully immersive projection mapping, Great Films Fill Rooms for PlayStation. For the McLaren P12, Found took light painting to a totally different level, using thousands of still images of a moving plasma television to simulate a digital wind tunnel, with breathtaking results. Found also filled China's Olympic Stadium, known as "The Birdcage," with 10,000 square meters of LED screens to construct complete enviroments on a massive scale.

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