• 12.21.15

    Found Creates Christmas Magic with HP

    As you read this, Santa is preparing. He's been preparing for most of the year. It doesn't take an operations expert to realize he has a huge job ahead of him. There are more than 500million children in this world that should expect to get presents from him this Christmas, and he only has one night to deliver them all. Everyone from NORAD to The Atlantic will have all eyes on Santa as he makes his deliveries, but if Found Studio and Hewlett Packard have anything to do with it, his CIO won't go forgotten. In a recent spot, the company came together with the creative studio and Quartz to celebrate the woman behind making Christmas Eve possible. And it's not Mrs Claus. 

    For “The Operation,” Found and Quartz imagined Santa’s Chief Information Officer as the woman who pulls the strings, using a fantastic array of technology to keep Santa on task and on schedule. We don’t ever see her face in the video, and that’s something that they did by design: she’s very mysterious. “Nobody knows the name of Santa’s CIO,” explains Ian Walker of Found studio. “It’s all very confidential. She is highly organized and loves eggnog.” Cheers to that!

    Found credits Quartz for a great deal of the creative impetus of the final piece. “Quartz creative came up with the script and the overall concept,” explains Ian. So it was up to Found to bring everything to life. We see the synthesizing of travel routes, the streamlining of Naughty and Nice lists, and even sharing a live video stream from Rudolph’s head cam. It all comes together, thanks to Santa’s CIO, as a stress free night because of integrated technology. The video is really about sending a Thank You to those who go under appreciated, especially during hectic times like the holidays. When everyone does their job right, processes are seamless and Santa’s job is no exception. “Everyone loves a bit of magic at Christmas,” exclaims Ian. “What’s more magical than maps and coordinates for a chubby guy riding around on a sleigh?!”

    Ho, Ho, Ho!

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