• 8.4.14

    For Amanda Marsalis and Norwegian Cruise Lines Respect Means Quality

    Before boarding her 7-day Eastern Caribbean Cruise on Norwegian Cruise Lines, Amanda Marsalis had never been on a cruise before. She gets really seasick. But she wasn’t going to let that get in the way. “I was a little nervous about my seasickness, but I was otherwise so excited about the job,” she says. “And then it turned out really great.” Norwegian tasked Amanda with capturing what a Norwegian Cruise is actually like. They wanted to use her authentic eye to present the feeling behind their trips, whether the passengers were a family on a vacation, a couple escaping together, or a solo cruiser taking some time for themselves.

    Besides her cruise experience, she found that Norwegian was more than a delight to work with. The pleasure came from a surprising direction, in the form of trust. “They hired me to do exactly what it is that I do. And then they let me do it,” Amanda explains. “I felt very respected by them. It was very collaborative.” Sometimes to get the best work possible the photographer needs the space to work. And Norwegian gave her exactly the right amount of space to work best. Amanda explains, “[Norwegian] wanted quality, not quantity. Even though we got so many good photos, we didn’t sacrifice.” Image quality is directly proportionate to trust and the freedom to do the job described. Norwegian gave Amanda that freedom, and it is reflected in the photos.

    It also doesn’t hurt that she had a blast. “It was a nonstop job, but it was also super fun,” she said. Between restaurant hopping, catamaran sailing, and dashing from one deck to the other, Amanda got to experience the entire ship. Not just behind her lens, but also in front of it. To capture the delight that comes with sliding down one of their many water slides, Amanda suited up and headed down the slide right behind her subject. Luckily her assistant captured it on film.

    The fun was in service of the images, something that Amanda is grateful she got from her relationship with Norwegian. “It was one of the most fun shoots, with one of the best clients, I’ve had. Ever.” Despite the fun, she still got the job done. “I’m really proud of the photos I got on the shoot,” she says. “We took really gorgeous pictures that are nice, experiential, and what they wanted.”

    We’ve displayed a selection from what Amanda did with Norwegian, with more to come as the campaign continues to roll out.

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