• 4.14.14

    Florian Geiss Goes Under Water at Aulani, Disney Hawaii Resort

    Florian Geiss, captured Aulani, a Disney Resort & Spa in Hawaii, for a new campaign. "The idea was to families spending vacations there and exploring the great location," he explained. "I was given a list of the scenarios the client wanted to depict, and I directed the shots."

    That meant following parents and their children down the Waikolohe Stream, out to the Ka Maka Grotto, and into the Rainbow Reef – the latter yielding Geiss's favorite images. "Shooting underwater is quite tricky, but I worked with a great crew, so I could focus on creating the pictures while the crew addressed the details," he remarked. "When working with kids, it is important that they don't get bored, so it is neccesary to react and shoot quickly – they shouldn't get bored waiting for us to set up."

    Geiss noted that he oftentimes comes away with many more photographs than the client expects. "For Disney, I shot the campaign and at the same time, pictures for usage online and elsewhere, forming a sort of library," he said, "and when I shoot in that way, I move with my photo camera as though it's a video camera – I don't take it out of my hands. (I start in the morning and I shoot straight through the entire day.)"

    Thanks to his extensive experience, he knows how to quickly set up frames, bring in subjects and props, and animate the scene. "It's important to me that the people truly enjoy the moments and don't have to force emotions, so it feels like an authentic situation. Only then do you achieve this vibrant energy and positive feel ... I think my ability to capture that sort of liveliness is what made me right for this Disney project."

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