• 10.17.13

    First Look: Casino Saga by Ars Thanea

    Ars Thanea completed its most elaborate map project to date for Rushplay AB's soon-to-be-released Casino Saga, which combines role-playing and Vegas-style mini-games. Users select an avatar and go up against "bosses" for the opportunity to advance to another chapter.  

    "We concepted and produced everything from scratch," said production director Marcin Molski. "We only received a list of themes that should be included on the map, plus short descriptions for the avatars and bosses. Over three months' time, we made 40 themed worlds, 10 avatars, 40 villains, the web design, and the logo." Molski and his team turned to Photoshop for the digital painting of the map sketch and characters, as well as the post-production work. 3D elements took shape in 3ds Max and V-Ray.

    "The biggest challenge was finding a proper style to fit all of the worlds so the map would look good when zoomed out, while keeping in mind the small buildings and pieces that needed to match," Molski explained. "And we had to put everything on a realistic island shape."

    Client: Rushplay AG
    Agency: Ars Thanea
    Executive creative director: Peter Jaworowski
    Art directors: Piotr Kolus, Karol Kolodzinski, Michal Lisowski, and Mikolaj Piszczako
    Lead 3D artist: Piotr Kolus
    3D artists: Anna Mierzejewska, Piotr Nowacki, Artur Szymczak, Daniel Komuda, and Iza Zelmanska
    Map concept artist: Krzysztof Roslan
    Digital painters: Michal Lisowski, Mikolaj Piszczako, Krzysztof Roslan, and Patryk Habryn
    Digital artists: Karol Klonowski, Karol Kolodzinski, Marcin Kowalski, and Lukasz Wiktorzak
    Production director: Marcin Molski
    Producer: Joanna Bak

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