• 8.18.15

    Experience Every Moment with Sam Robinson

    Polar’s technology allows sportsmen and women to keep track of how they’re doing in their workouts. By offering an easily checkable count of miles run, monitoring heart rate, and the important messages off the users’ phones, Polar makes it possible to stay focused on the work out despite the distractions that could get in the way. These devices make getting to the core of the work out far more easy, which makes the process not only more efficient but also more joyful. When interferences fall away it’s much easier to connect with the love that keeps a runner coming back to running. And that core passion is something that Sam Robinson knows about.

    For Sam, who is a runner himself, he experiences that same jolt of clarity every time he shoots a project. Whether it’s for Polar’s latest campaign, or any other project, it’s the love of getting behind the camera that can keep him going even through extreme circumstances. For the Polar campaign, they shot for days in and around Williamsburg and the whole shoot was super active. Where you see these runners running, Sam is running right along side them and it’s the love for the craft that kept him going. “The adrenaline of it is, I guess, what keeps you going,” Sam says. “It’s exciting, and this was a little bit less controlled than a lot of the other stuff I shoot because we’re sort of discovering as we go. We obviously cover a lot more ground when we’re running and moving so much. A part of the inspiration is that it’s obviously not choreographed or planned, that’s inspiring." They ran and followed where the energy took them.

    Shooting in Williamsburg was a small blessing because it’s an area Sam was already very familiar with. Having lived there years ago, he understands the landscape and layout, but the area has changed which added a whole new element to the shoot. “When I first moved to New York years ago, Williamsburg was my home,” says Sam. “I lived right on McCarren Park for a couple of years. Obviously, I’ve seen it change and evolve. It’s a great place to shoot. It’s a different canvas every day. It’s constantly changing, there’s new street art, there’s new stuff around. It’s a cool place to be.” Around every corner was a new feature, changed building, or art work in progress, and because of the nature of the city there was no way to know if it would be there the next day. So Sam and his team took advantage of every moment, never taking a single shot for granted.

    By using every moment and every site to its fullest potential, the photographs take on that essence and it enriches the entire campaign. “There’s an element of chance and spontaneity to it that benefits it. It feels a little bit lucky, sometimes. It’s slightly less controlled so it feels spontaneous,” Sam says. Polar’s products allow their users to get closer to their workouts and really take in the experience. It allows us to pay attention to every moment a little closer, because we may never get to experience them again.

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