• 7.28.15

    Everyone Wants Hate Mail from Mr. Bingo

    Over the past few years Mr. Bingo has sent 928 Postcards, mainly to strangers, that are incredibly, and scathingly offensive. He’s turned it into a project that he calls “Hate Mail,” where participants pay him real, hard earned money to insult them through the mail. Who knew it could be so lucrative?

    Part of working this way is that very few people are exposed to the work that Mr. Bingo is doing. “It’s an interesting project because each postcard is owned by one person and they’re the only person who has really seen that artwork,” he explains. “The best way to show work like that is to do a website or a blog or something or a book. And books are beautiful.” Books are beautiful, so he decided that he should probably put a bunch of these postcards into a book and let people buy it. So that’s what he’s doing with the upcoming release of “Hate Mail: The Definitive Collection.” Instead of pairing with a publisher, Bingo has opted to create the book from the ground up, using Kickstarter to fund every page of the monstrosity. The campaign launched on July 6 with the goal of £35k. That was almost a month ago. At publication this morning, Bingo had already reached £109,614. We’ll do the math for you: it’s a lot more than he was even hoping for.

    “Pretty crazy, pretty overwhelming. I wasn’t expecting anything,” Bingo says, reacting to seeing this incredible response. The backing of over three thousand people has forced Bingo to expand what he’s able to offer through the campaign, resulting in some creative solutions that have got people to fork over their hard earned dollars – including, but not limited to, buying a friendship with the artist. Bingo’s favorite reward? “Get Shitfaced on a Train.” The 20 backers who pledged £150 will get to spend 4 hours on a train with Mr. Bingo with booze and snacks. “I also really like the ‘Meet Me For a Pint in 5 Years Time’ because it’s really quite dark and quite bizarre.” Although most of the unique rewards have already been greedily claimed, there are still a few days left on the campaign, giving future backers the opportunity to buy as many books as they could want.

    For Mr. Bingo, this way of funding a project is particularly satisfying. "It’s really lovely to be creating work that’s funded by the public and just individual people who really like it and want to get behind it," he says. "It just means more to get it public funded." If you like what you see you better get on this train. There are only five days left on the campaign.

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