• 6.3.15

    Entering Exclusivity: Douglas Friedman's Tour of Mustique

    Mustique is one of the most exclusive islands in the world. A vacation spot for the elite, entrance to this Antilles paradise is more than most of us could hope for. Other restricted communities similar to Mustique sit behind locked gates that we must pay dearly to get the keys to. But why try so hard to get the keys when Douglas Friedman already has them?

    Douglas has been visiting Mustique for more than two decades and the small community is well known to him, having explored the island for these twenty years. As he explains, the people who inhabit the island are very friendly and keep their doors open. “Everyone is pretty generous when you’re there,” he says. “There are no locks on the island. You just kind of show up.” That generous and open environment offered Douglas the access to capture a huge array of homes in a very short amount of time for their photographic essay, "The Magic of Mustique."

    Douglas’ experience with the island along with his ongoing partnership with DuJour created the perfect creative storm for this story. Their collaboration has ensured creative communication and common ground, making the shoot as efficient as possible resulting in a mass amount of beautifully composed photographs. “DuJour saw that it was a good match because I’ve had a relationship with the island for a long time,” he explains. “I think because I’m so intimate with the homes on the island I was actually able to pretty much know exactly what I wanted to shoot before we arrived.”

    After all this time, Mustique hasn’t changed much. In the two decades Douglas has been walking the island (barefoot), the island has been largely untouched by time. “I think the changes are quite subtle,” he says. “The houses have gotten bigger and more fantastic. Some might even say outrageous. But everything is so private you don’t really notice. The feeling of the island is still the same. You wouldn’t think of wearing a pair of shoes, ever.” Perhaps the reason it has gone so unchanged is that outsiders rarely have the opportunity to visit and bring in a different energy to such an insular community. But despite the exclusivity, we have still been offered this taste of Douglas’ second home.

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