• 5.4.17

    Enter The Selby In Seoul, South Korea

    Artists give us the opportunity to see things anew, and understand the world in ways we didn’t before. We almost always only see the results of an artist’s exploration and expression and experience their creations, but we are rarely invited into the artist’s world. But some do. Few artists have been as open as Todd Selby who is always creating new work and endlessly inviting his audiences into his process. If you want to find Todd it’s as easy as signing on to Instagram or Todd’s wildly successful blog, but this summer and fall you can get even closer by stepping directly into his mind. Or at least a form of it. Right now the Daelim Museum in Seoul is showing ‘The Selby House,’ a fully immersive experience that exhibits a dizzying range of Todd’s work and includes a representation of his creative home. “From the beginning of my personal work I’ve always put it out there on the internet, and blogging and doing social media,” explains Todd. “One of the really cool things about that is that your work can just travel on its own and end up in all sorts of different places really easily.” Now his work has ended up all the way in South Korea where his fans are hungry. And he’s filled the entire museum.

    This isn’t a simple gallery show by any means. Todd was asked to stock the entire museum, creating work for every floor, from the first to the attic, and even for the front of the building (plus a sculpture garden behind the museum!). “The scale of it is really enormous,” says Todd. “I’ve done gallery shows before but to have a whole museum to fill… There’s a whole sculpture garden, and we did all the exteriors of the museum and illustrated those. So the sheer scale of it has been really a lot. I didn’t want to just have the show and show old work, I wanted to make a whole new body of work so having a year to get together all that work has been pretty, pretty nuts.” There’s an entire gift shop that’s filled almost entirely with newly designed merch. There are floors dedicated to the photography from his books, photos surrounded by resin collage frames, and tons of his watercolors. There’s an imagined bedroom of his, and a living room where you can sit and guess what it’s like to watch TV surrounded by the mind of Todd Selby. And you can get even more intimate stepping into a dream of Todd’s on the top floor in ‘The Jungle Room.’ It started as a dream with nightmarish origins – depending on how strong your stomach is.

    ‘The Jungle Room’ started from a rather exciting experience from when he was younger that left enough of an impression on him that it followed him into his sleeping hours. “My family went to Papua New Guinea and my dad really wanted to meet cannibals which is a true story! When I was a kid we went and tried to find this cannibal tribe. So this is based on a dream that I had when we were on the way to find the cannibals,” says Todd. “So it’s kind of based in reality and my life experience but then it’s also based in fantasy, this dream world, so it’s playing around with those ideas.” The result is playful, exploding with color, and has more than one adorable animal hanging from the ceiling.

    Todd has always let us into his process and shown us his work, but the show at Daelim Museum takes it to a whole new level. Actually, a bunch of levels, one for every floor of this very Selby show.

    Check out The Selby House at the Daelim Museum in Seoul, South Korea through October 29.

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