• 10.23.18

    Enroll in Tinder University with Alexandra Gavillet

    The digital age has allowed all of us to create our lives in the shape that we want them. Everything is available at an arm’s reach: delivered food, concierge laundry, and even phone-initiated relationships. Apps like Tinder have connected strangers and formed relationships that are unique to the digital age, and even as we’re still discovering what the contours of those relationships are, we can celebrate the new landscape. Alexandra Gavillet recently photographed Tinder’s latest campaign, dubbed "Tinder University," that imagines all of these new relationships formed through more traditional routes. More specifically: it sees what Tinder looks like in action in a University setting.

    Alexandra has shot an entire campaign for them already, with three unique images releasing to the public, each playing with different conventions. In all of them we see how the life of a curious student lines up parallel to the needs that Tinder satisfies while still staying true to the cheeky concept.

    The first image of Alexandra’s features a young woman in a library, doing her “research” both in the science of Chemistry and ostensibly the chemistry between the curious she’s meeting through her phone.  In another, a couple is studying together, doing the work necessary before a test, and they’re “just trying to figure shit out” – both in their subjects and between each other. Finally, we a see a crowd of seven young people, each offering their unique qualities with the title “Thank Goodness for Multiple Choice.” Each image is filled with the humor and a balance of authentic accessibility and expert crafting that Alexandra is known for. 

    This is our first presentation of Alexandra Gavillet’s work, and we’re looking forward to showing you more. Please join us in welcoming her to the B&A roster.

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