• 9.16.11

    Emir Haveric's the Spirit of Volkswagen

    Emir Haveric's films for the new Volkswagen Tiguan models are part of a catalog on the new Volkswagen iPad application. It is the first time the company has created a catalog for the iPad.

    Haveric filmed the two Tiguan models on location in Spain. The on-road, city model was filmed driving the streets of Barcelona, while the off-road model was filmed just north of the city, driving over rough roads and climbing hills. The cars are part of a new design phase for Volkswagen. The films provided a great opportunity to show off the high-class performance of the cars and what the cars stand for. The challenge was capturing the right positioning and speed for capturing the car. The tempo of the music in the films was also important to capturing the coolness of the car.

    Haveric has collaborated with Volkswagen for several years. He and Creative Director Ralf Nolting worked on the concept for the two films together. Nolting calls Haveric "a great collaborator" and states that they had great teamwork. He adds that Haveric is "one of the most experienced photographers," he's worked with, especially on car photography shoots.

    See more of Emir Haveric's photography here.

    Client: Volkswagen AG
    Agency: Grabarz & Partner
    Creative Director: Ralf Nolting
    Photographer: Emir Haveric
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