• 8.20.13

    Emir Haveric's First-Ever European Show Extended

    "Captured Light," photographer Emir Haveric’s first solo, European show, will run through Hamburg Art Week at the beginning of September.

    "The organizers approached us about extending the exhibition for another two weeks," Haveric said. "During Hamburg Art Week, people from all over the world – not only Germans – visit the galleries, so we hope a couple of them will come to our place as well."

    Modesty is one of Haveric's strong suits; when "Captured Light" opened in the city’s former Central Post Office as part of YOUNG BLOOD's pop-up art series, more than 320 people turned out. "There are ten photographs and two video installations, and the global theme of all of the work is light – how to capture light and how to keep it," the artist explained. "It's very abstract. All of the objects are photographed in order to look like they're painted with the light. I also physically painted some of them."

    Among the static works: "Trees" (2012, Bosnia), "Buildings" (2013, USA), and "Koi" (2009, Singapore). The pair of videos was made while Haveric drove through different cities snapping photos. He ultimately condensed the many images into motion pieces. 

    He has lent his hand, and eye, to a number of video projects during the last few years. Silbersee Film, the production company with Wim Wenders on its roster, is now representing Haveric as a director.

    "The idea to direct is not so foreign to a photographer," he remarked. "You're directing each day anyways, but as a photographer, you are the director of photography, the guy who is responsible for the light ... you do everything by yourself. In the movie business, there's somebody to operate the camera, another person to work on the light, and you can focus on one thing – the picture."

    "Captured Light" 
    Stephansplatz 3, 20354 Hamburg, Germany
    Through September 15, 2013
    Tue–Sun, 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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