• 4.6.10

    Emir Haveric Launches New iPhone App

    There are currently iPhone apps for cooking, navigation, news, games, travel, and more - but what about photography and self promotion? An idea came to Emir Haveric as he watched countless art directors fiddle with their iPhones while they waited for him to set up lighting during shoots. "iPhones are just like a toy," he thought, and decided to make himself more marketable by building his own iPhone app. Haveric's iPhone app shows his portfolio, reel, and his latest news. Unlike other apps where users must keep installing updates to stay current, Haveric's "News" section can be updated by Haveric himself, thus the Emir Haveric iPhone app only needs to be downloaded once. Best of all, the app is available for free. Simply search "Emir Haveric" in your iPhone app store or click here to start experiencing Emir Haveric's new iphone app.

    Haveric spent about half a year developing the app, working on it whenever he had free time from his busy shooting schedule. The user-friendly interface is simple and easy to navigate. The app is compatible with the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Stills of the app below.

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    View Emir Haveric's portfolio

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