• 7.15.15

    Emir Haveric Brings BMW Home

    For many, buying a BMW is an aspiration. The brand has always stood for luxury and class, with price tags to match (understandably). They’ve inspired rap songs and retirement funds, but as much as the brand feeds off that status it’s important to them that their customers also recognize that they are livable cars. And who better to bring in that element of everyday life than Emir Haveric, a photographer who is always adding accessibility to the vehicles he shoots. 

    For his latest campaign with BMW, Emir shot the 2 Series Gran Tourer, a compact car with three rows of seats and the access of a sedan. Rather than shooting the car thundering through a futuristic city, replete with lens flares and the wash of expense, BMW and Emir opted to present the cars as they’ll likely be used: family vehicles in a slice of life. “We have to come down from the super world, down to the street where you live,” says Emir. The aspiration of BMW is important, but Emir’s work reminds us that these vehicles are tools to facilitate the important moments in life. Most of our every day lived experience isn’t glorious, but that doesn’t mean the car can’t be.

    The name of the Gran Tourer comes from a long tradition of car manufacturers who have all made their versions of a “Gran Tourismo.” The phrase describes a car that offers maximum capability of speed and distance, but also brings comfort and style. It’s the perfect blend of performance and pleasure. Most brands have versions of this car, but few are willing to show the living truth of their usage the way that BMW is doing with Emir. “Three, four years ago, maybe even last year, they would never ever allow you to shoot like this,” explains Emir. “Now, it’s possible. Because this is what the people do.” This is how the customers use the car, and this is what it looks like when they do it. 

    “This is the new way that car photography should be,” says Emir. “Not presenting the car on the plate as it was before. It’s so much nicer to be there and see it in the situation.” By bringing the 2 Series Gran Tourer into this new context, Emir engenders a feeling of inevitability. He proves that this car, even with its aspirational heritage, will fit in the consumer’s life. After seeing the results of this project, the only step left to take it home.

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