• 6.7.11

    Emily Nathan Captures Spring and Summer for TOMS Youth

    Emily Nathan collaborates with TOMS on the spring and summer campaigns for their children's collection, TOMS Youth. Nathan captured several children wearing TOMS against a plain backdrop on location in a Los Angeles studio.

    The late photojournalist Dan Eldon inspired the spring collection. Eldon was killed in Mogadishu in 1993 while covering the Somali War for Reuters. His photography, quotes, art and even his fingerprints were all used on the shoes' designs. When TOMS told the Eldon family about the line, the family sent along some of Eldon's prized belongings to be included in the shoot. His camera, the one he was using the day he was killed, appears as a prop in several of the images, and his beads are worn as a belt by one of the young models.

    The summer campaign features the children with popular summer props like a beach ball and sand buckets, while wearing bathing suits, t-shirts and shorts.

    The campaigns were Nathan's second and third collaboration with TOMS.

    See more of Nathan's photography here.





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