• 3.6.15

    Elisa Flowers' Subtly Sings for ELLE Mexico

    Drawing inspiration from the chic and sporty 1970s, ELLE Mexico heralds the return of pastels with a  “touch of rebellion.” An editorial styled exclusively in Coach, features the makeup work of Elisa Flowers.

    Using the skyline and shoreline of New York City as a backdrop, the diffused light offers the ultimate textural variation, showing off the tonal details in the clothing, something that Elisa was able to use to her advantage. Creating a very natural face, Elisa helps complete a picture of soft perfection. The light touch of blush, with a slightly darkened lip, lets the model’s skin glow, reflecting off the curtained sky. In a shoot that's all about details, subtlety sings and Elisa’s work allows each element to show off its contribution.

    With soft light and delicate shifts in tone, the louder elements come right through the images. Metal rivets and jaguar print bounce off bolder colors, and Elisa’s hand was there to make sure that the model’s face reflected the same dichotomy. Her sensitively smokey eyes stand up against the contrast of subtlety and volume, executing a beautiful balance.

    Coach’s collection featured in this shoot was design in collaboration with B&A Illustrator Gary Baseman.

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