• 7.21.14

    Douglas Friedman Catches a Glimpse of Melanie Griffith's New Pad for People Magazine

    Melanie Griffith has experienced a lot of changes in her life recently. Her recent divorce means that she gets to do things her way now. She gets to create a space that is uniquely hers, designing her nest the way that she wants it, and exactly the way that she wants it. “It’s elegant and wild at the same time,” the actress told People Magazine who featured her new home. “It’s got more pizzazz.” That pizzazz came from Melanie working to have the apartment reflect herself. “The apartment kind of channels this old Hollywood, deco-glamour,” says Douglas Friedman, who shot the interior of her new apartment for People magaizine. “Melanie Griffith is Hollywood royalty. She comes from that incredible lineage. It totally channels her, completely glamorous and royal.”

    “She’s really proud of her space,” says Douglas. Being invited to a personal space like that can be an exciting thing, and an honor in its own way. But Douglas knows that Melanie wants to show off her new pad, and so he does everything he knows how to make it look as good as possible.

    Part of Douglas’ craft is to make an image as elegant and beautiful as possible, and that means a lot of tinkering. Sometimes it’s moving huge pieces of furniture tiny distances that might not make sense to an outsider in the moment. But it all pays off in the end. “Homeowners find it so strange that you start to move things around by the inch,” Douglas says. “What looks great in real life doesn’t always translate to the photograph.” And millions of eyes are going to look at the photograph, so it’s important to translate the experience as beautifully as possible. The key, says Douglas, is that he’s not changing anything about what Melanie has put into her space. “You don’t want to change what they’ve done and how they live and what they love,” says Douglas. That would sort of defeat the purpose. “Who she is already in the space. That’s her home.” 

    Like most things in life, Melanie’s apartment isn’t exactly where she wants it to be. The whole renovation has been happening over 10 months piece by piece. “I don’t think it’s completely finished yet. But it’s a happy place,” she says. After all, when things are finished, it’s time to move on. And she just got here!

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