• 11.3.14

    Do You Hate Yourself Enough for Mr Bingo?

    Do you want to be kicked around a little? Do you like some measured abuse? If so, you’re not alone. It turns out a lot of people like a little bit of insult. And for those in the market of masochism, Mr. Bingo is ready to take your order.

    Today marks the return of “Hate Mail,” Mr Bingo’s ongoing project where he sends actual hate mail to paying customers through mail carriers. If you’re looking for a little TLC, this isn’t the place for you. But you might just get the laugh you’re looking for.

    Mr Bingo has been doing Hate Mail for a while, recently bringing a gallery worth of postcards to Norwich (which received mixed reviews from the artist himself). “Originally I just started it as a joke, just to see what I could get away with,” Bingo explains. It all started about three years ago. “I was drunk in my studio one night, and I tweeted ‘The first person to reply to this tweet I will send them an offensive message written on the back of a postcard.’ About 50 people replied in the minute and I thought, ‘This is really interesting. People really, really wanting to be hated is an interesting human thing going on.” ‘Interesting’ is one way to describe it, for sure. Mr Bingo chose one of those first 50 people as a winner. The lucky guy’s name was Jonathan and his postcard read, “Dear Jonathan fuck you, fuck you Jonathan and fuck your shit legs.” There’s no confirmation if Mr Bingo was familiar with Jonathan’s legs, or if it was a baseless insult (or a generic truth that all legs are shit).

    Mr Bingo has a long and sordid history with being aggressive and a little disruptive. “I was a naughty school child,” he explains. “I think I am good at making people laugh.” This clown just happens to have a hammer instead of a squeaky nose. And the name? “I played bingo in 1998 at Gala Bingo at Maidstone in Kent and I won 141 pounds and got the nickname Bingo. That’s it.” Don’t call him anything else. We’re not quite sure what will happen if you do, but considering the tall stack of biting postcards he’s written, it probably won’t be good.

    If you want to join the fun, Mr Bingo is making more slots available today on his website. It would certainly be a strange impulse. Bingo says, “I love the idea if one person bought one, actually paid money to be told to fuck off by post, that’s just a stupidly absurd idea. Made me really happy.” Go on, make him happy. Buy some Hate Mail.

    UPDATE: Hate Mail has since sold out on Mr Bingo’s website. Maybe if you weren’t so damn slow you would have been able to get it. Loser.

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