• 10.4.10

    Diver & Aguilar's Caravaggio-inspired shoot, "Chiaroscuro"

    Diver & Aguilar's Caravaggio-inspired "Chiaroscuro" shoot is catching the eye of the creative industry. Originally published in the October 2010 issue of Riders Moda, it is featured in Creative Review's Photography Annual 2010, a Behance newsletter, and XFUNS magazine. The photography duo pays homage to Caravaggio's use of light and dark with images modeled after famous paintings such as The Calling of Saint Matthew, Bacchus, and The Cardsharps.

    Mike Diver of Diver & Aguilar notes, "[Pedro Aguilar and I] have always been interested in Caravaggio's paintings because of the filmic quality they have and also because his life story is one of the most fascinating and mysterious of all of the great painters. Pedro also studied an M.A in fine Art, so our photographs are often inspired and influenced by painting, sculpture, and film."

    The Calling of Saint Matthew

    Diver further explains:

    "Caravaggio's painting's were never straight forward, his method of portraying the religious mise-en-sc`ene was revolutionary in its day. Out of the darkness he freezes time, his subjects as if a movie still that continue to flicker in the dim light.

    We were inspired by Caravaggio's genius use of chiaroscuro, and further by Martin Scorsese's Mean Streets modern day cinema take on him. What we have re-created as a photograph could purely be seen as a fashion image by some, as well as reflecting the violence that was rife in Caravaggio's life. These images are sacred and profane and there is a certain solidarity to the image in hard times that everyone can relate to."

    The Cardsharps

    Other notable portrait series by Diver & Aguilar include Rockers and Native Americans. Both capture an intimate look into the masculine bravado of the tribes. Whether inspired by the classical works of Caravaggio or modern day rockers, Diver & Aguilar employ the same methods of street casting and photography to find the souls of their subjects.

    Expands Diver & Aguilar, "It was suggested that Richard Avedon could read thoughts with his images and Diane Arbus went one step further in saying she could see the "suicide " moment that was to prevail in one's life, we hope that we can also reach a certain level of intimacy with our work."

    The October issue of Creative Review is on sale now, look for it at a newsstand near you.

    Left: Self Portrait as Bacchus

    Still life


    Publication: Riders Moda
    Issue: October 2010
    Fashion Director: Filippo la Bruna
    Assistant: Elisa Anastasino
    Grooming: Tanya Chianale
    Photography: Diver & Aguilar

    Creative Review
    Diver & Aguilar
    Diver & Aguilar Blog

    Diver & Aguilar will be speaking at Glug in Brighton on October 8, 2010. For event details click here.

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