• 5.21.12

    Diver & Aguilar in Creative Review

    Diver & Aguilar's "Eye of the Beholder" is featured in Creative Review's May iPad edition. Diver & Aguilar collaborated with Riders-Moda on the photography project inspired by Dorothea Lange's black and white Depression-era photographs.

    "Eye of the Beholder" is intentionally deceptive in regard to where and when the photos were taken. It is only when the viewer looks closer that the images are revealed as taken in a modern setting for a fashion story. Diver & Aguilar were inspired by how fashion allows artists to create an illusion and a fantasy. To take their "deception" one step further, the photography duo asked their subjects to close their eyes so that they were unaware of the moment their image was captured.

    See more of Diver & Aguilar's photography here.


    Fashion & Creative Director: Filippo la Bruna
    Photographers: Diver & Aguilar
    Casting Directors: Tom North & Mike Diver
    Set Design: Tom North & David Powell
    Post Production: Pedro Aguilar & David Powell

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