• 7.19.11

    Diver & Aguilar Create Explosive Ice Cream for Magnum

    Diver & Aguilar capture stunning and explosive visuals for Magnum's latest campaign. The ice cream maker has developed a new technology to put liquid-filled chocolates in their ice cream bars. Diver & Aguilar were commissioned by Lola Madrid to creatively capture this new concept on film. The concept was to create art out of the creative reformulation of the ingredients.

    Diver & Aguilar worked with various techniques to first concept their vision and then to capture it. The photography team was already familiar with high-speed photography and special effects, having first explored them back in 2007 in the projects "Light Mode Phantasm" and "Explosions." For the Magnum photos, the team worked with detonators, small explosives, a high-speed trigger and flash photography at speeds up to 1/200 of a second. The calculations were fed into a computer to predict the exact moment, and therefore depth, of the desired explosion or effect they wanted to generate. The result is a set of colorful, visually stunning images of the ice cream's ingredients in motion.

    Watch a video of the Diver & Aguilar capturing the ice cream in action here.

    The visuals will run as an all-media print and digital motion campaign in over twenty countries.

    See more of Diver & Aguilar's photography here.

    Agency: Lola
    Creative Director: GUSTAVO MARIONI
    Creative : ESTEBAN FRANCO
    Photographers: Diver & Aguilar
    Graphic Producer : MARIE GILOT
    Executive Producer : AGUSTIN GONZALEZ
    Post Production : Diver & Aguilar Studio (c)

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