• 7.18.11

    Decon and FunJob Create a Carnival for Malibu Rum

    Inspired by the FunJob-customized car for Pharrell as well as their epic "Skywalkers Parade" for Toyota at Art Basel, Publicis London asked FunJob to create a pop-up carnival for Malibu Rum. Seeking a partner to actually bring it about, Decon - the idea shop, production company and record label - stepped in to make the magic come to life. Working with Publicis London, Decon did all of the production for the film, constructed a portable float inspired by FunJob, cast 150 people (including some real fans), pulled on their music resources for live performances and DJs, and rolled out a buzzing social media campaign to ensure everyone would come. Once shot, Decon oversaw all of the post-production including the music supervision. The end result was a real-life party complete with fireworks and a 30 and 60 second spot for for various online spots. This makes us want to party with Malibu too.

    Client: Malibu Rum
    Agency: Publicis London
    Director: Jason Goldwatch
    Copywriter: Dave Sullivan
    Art Director: Stuart Farquhar
    Business Director: Paul Howarth
    Account Director: Leah Schneider
    Account Manager: Emma Sare
    Production Company: Decon
    Executive Producer: Peter Bittenbender
    Agency Producer: Mays Al-Ali
    Production Assistant: Emma Fasson

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