• 9.27.18

    David McLeod Helps Reinvigorate BBC2 with Eclectic Stimulation

    Every television network is a curated collection of experiences. They each have their own identity crafted by their programming and catered towards an audience that’s always growing and changing. They must stay dynamic and it’s ultimately a collaboration between their staff and their viewers, but it always comes down to the core message of what a network is trying to do. At BBC Two, they’re in the midst of a reinvigoration to be the home of the newest and edgiest programming, and as a part of that they’re presenting themselves through a series of creative and progressive Idents (the short spots between programs that remind you what network you’re watching). They asked David McLeod via B&A London to create two of these Idents to help spread the message of their identity.

    “The new channel branding reflects this constantly eclectic and stimulating mix of programming and I am so excited to see it help define this next stage of the channel’s evolution,” explains Patrick Holland, Controller of BBC Two. Each of the 16 Idents, that include work by other artists like Futuredeluxe, The Mill, Aardman, and Mainframe, play with the unique curvature of the numeral 2 in ways that are exciting and seductive. David’s two pieces use similar textures but tell two different stories.

    One uses a combination of amorphous three-dimensional shapes whose color combinations form the curvature of the numeral, and then bounce and move, cycling through different hues, until they reform back again. In the second Ident, David created forms as if fireworks and fungus came together into a single construct, rippling and exploding in waves of color. Each unique execution vibrates and moves, peaks and settles, in its own special tempo to shape the viewer’s experience of how to understand BBC Two’s identity.

    “This project is one of those gift briefs that not only allow for the best art and design minds in the country to come together - but also has an immediate effect on popular culture with millions of eyes seeing it every day,” explains Laurent Simone, Executive Creative Director of BBC Creative. “Only the BBC offers such a large public platform for creative expression and exposure.”

    We’re honored to have David McLeod’s work as a part of this project.

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