• 8.29.13

    David Eustace and Panasonic Go to Indonesia

    David Eustace partnered with Panasonic on a second campaign, traveling around Indonesia with the brand's Lumix G6 camera.

    "It was more of a technical exercise – they wanted me to test the camera," he explained. "The brief was loose. I had to visit three cities, but beyond that I could shoot as I wanted. Nobody was near me and there weren't a thousand opinions. I was just a photographer commissioned to take photographs."

    Eustace captured young, jubilant swimmers in Bali; Pacu Jawi, mud cow racing, in Western Sumatra; and participants wearing traditional dress for a ceremony on Nias Island. Along with the advertisements, he created a personal portfolio to chronicle his journey. While he worked, Panasonic turned a camcorder on him to produce a series of short films about using the new Lumix.

    "Some of the places we saw are the few remaining spots not overpopulated by tourists," Eustace said. "We had to make an effort and go off the beaten track ... I love different cultures and I think the Panasonic idea was brilliant."

    See Eustace's first Panasonic campaign, shot in Yosemite National Park, here.

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