• 2.28.17

    David Doran Brings Us to Croatia with Nissan

    In the last couple years Dubrovnik has become a center of creativity. The Croatian city is a major location for Game of Throne’s shooting schedule, and has hosted Star Wars productions and named as a location for an upcoming Robin Hood film. It’s an unexpected and unique place, offering aesthetics that the visual culture hasn’t grown tired of yet, so it’s the perfect location for any artist. Earlier this year Nissan invited David Doran to go with them to Dubrovnik and test out one of their new cars, the Micra. He loaded up into the new, teeny car with his supplies, touring the area and bringing back with him an impression of the place for us to understand.

    Dubrovnik is on the North shore of the Southern half of the Adriatic Sea, down near Bosnia and Montenegro, giving it a nearly subtropical classification: it’s a nice place to be. The city has been around for at least a thousand years, jamming together ancient architecture with modern comforts, and roadways that dance over that history. David’s images play with these elements, focusing on how nature and the coasts of Croatia interact with each other. He created a collection of imagery in both his more commercial digital work, and through his sketchbooks.

    The digital pieces show off the rich colors and lines of the sea and sky, with pieces of road and flora cutting between them as the touch of humanity peeks through. His sketchbooks pieces do more to show off human development: a pier reaching into the water and a corner of the city revealing that heritage architecture.

    Not all of us get invitations to explore the newest, hottest creative location in the world, so we’re lucky that David’s there to take us along with him.


    Photo of David Doran by Alex Penfold

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