• 6.24.10

    Dana Gallagher Shows State Pride in Martha Stewart Living

    The July issue of Martha Stewart Living is entitled "Amazing America," dedicated to celebrating all 50 states. The 200th issue features California peaches, a Pennsylvania garden, and signature corn recipes from different states. Dana Gallagher photographed "States of Play," an ode to the road-tripping days of the mid-20th century when state map textiles were popular souvenirs. Now collectibles, Gallagher and Martha Stewart Living show how the scarves, tablecloths, and handkerchiefs can add cheer to a home.

    Gallagher shot the story at Breezy Shores, a cottage community on the North Fork of Long Island. For Gallagher, it was a return home to a place that she had rented years ago from the original owners. The shoot took place in early spring at the waterfront property. Recalls Gallagher, "A fantastic crew came together and we kept each other warm (no heat out there and it was March) with loads of layers and a small fire!"

    L: An Alaska and Seattle map are displayed in a frame
    R: A USA map is stretched over a wooden frame, and a Florida tablecloth is draped over a table

    L: A Florida textile turns into a roller shade
    R: State maps adorn a drying rack

    A collector's guide: Martha Stewart Living explains the different collector's value of handkerchiefs, scarves, and tablecloths

    Publication: Martha Stewart Living
    Date: July, 2010
    Editorial Collecting Director: Fritz Karch
    Senior Associate Collecting Editor: Quy Nguyn
    Art Director: Michelle Leong
    Photography: Dana Gallagher

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