• 11.10.14

    Dana Gallagher Busts it Out for the Holidays

    It’s been the holiday season for only a week now, and Dana Gallagher already has her first festive cover. Parent & Child magazine handpicked the photographer not just for her skills, but for everything she has to offer. According to Dana, Art Director James Dunlinson (who she loves), exclaimed, “We want you! We want your dog! We want your kitchen!” James and Dana go way back, so he’s familiar with her kitchen and her dog. And, yes, that’s her dog on the cover, being a little naughty. “That’s Biscuit,” she says. “Biscuit stealing biscuits which Biscuit does best.” Biscuit comes from a long line of Gallagher canines that have graced different covers that Dana has shot. “Every dog I’ve ever had has now been on the cover of a magazine,” she explains. But Biscuit has set a new record: she is only a year old and has already completed that step.

    The kitchen is where Dana feels right at home. She's been running her own food blog, Kitchen Repetroire, spending that time shaping food and edible experiences for her readers. Building recipes and sharing her photography with her avid fans have helped to shape her own interactions with food, always having it be an inviting experience.

    The story that Parent & Child wanted Dana to illustrate with her photography is “Kid-Made Thanksgiving,” one that celebrates the inclusion of children in the festivities of creating the holiday. Whether it’s baking biscuits or pies, Parent & Child wanted to show that kids can help make holidays great. Dana has made a habit out of the holiday season. But even though we’re walking right into Thanksgiving, Dana’s holiday is a little later in the year. “I’m a Christmas lady, we bust it out for Christmas,” she says. “ That’s my blow out holiday, I’ve been doing it for years.” Every year she throws a huge Christmas party, attended by hundreds of people. “Friends, Family, people I’ve known forever from the business. Whoever’s in town,” she says.

    A full house is a happy house, and Dana fills hers with every year with those she loves, spreading the cheer and thanksgiving. She was the perfect choice to show how involving as many people in the holidays as possible can make it a richer, more beautiful season.

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